Joan Belmar

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Visual Arts Viewpoint: Interview with Artist Joan Belmar

DC Metro Arts

Before you make your way to a table at the new Busboys and Poets in Takoma Park, allow yourself generous time to walk around the space and contemplate the worlds inside Joan Belmar’s paintings hanging on the walls. A palette of browns, whites and sepias in granular textures evoke earthy terrain, while velvety black circles suggest opaque nighttime skies. At times, bright colors assert themselves uncompromisingly. Across portions of these mindscapes march topographical stitching lines suggesting boundary demarcations; across other portions meander lines of contour mapping. Belmar’s work is built up layer after layer in a complex dance of opposites—transparent and opaque, textural and smooth, organic and geometric, earthy color and bright reds or blues.


Acrylic, ink, gouache and oil on canvas
64'' x 54''


CHORDS (3/D) #1
38" x 50"
Acrylic, ink, paper,vinyl, and gouache on plywood
Addison Ripley Fine Art


2014 Joan Belmar. All rights reserved.