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J o a n B e l m a r

Joan Belmar

Your fine art information site since 1995

Cheryl Edwards Studio Presents Prism II

Work by Joan Belmar. Courtesy of c. d. Edwards Studio.

Work by Joan Belmar. Courtesy of c. d. Edwards Studio.

Conquers and Indigenous series 2012 (Photography)


HalfWorld/Keystone Quadrant
Acrylic, ink and gouache on Duralar
10 Feet


Osten Biennial of Drawing 2016


The Looking Glass: American University Museum. Katzen

Artist Immigrants of Washington

June 18 through August 14, 2016

Alper Initiative for Washington Art

This exhibition celebrates ten artists who left Latin America for many different reasons over the last sixty years—primarily for safety, freedom, and opportunity—and made their homes, and their artistic careers and contributions, in the Washington region. They include Joan Belmar and Juan Downey from Chile, Carolina Mayorga from Colombia, Ric Garcia, Lennox Campello, & Jose Ygnacio Bermudez from Cuba, Muriel Hasbu
from El Salvador, Frida Larios from Honduras, Irene Clouthier from Mexico, and Naśl Ojeda from Uruguay. They brought with them artistic traditions that took root and bore fruit here in the United States.

Al Fin del Mundo/ Trance-Lucid #4
(From Trance-Lucid series/ Installations)
8 feet approx.
Acrylic, ink, plastic cups and map tacks on wall

University of Maine Museum of Art 

 "What's the Big Idea?: Small Paintings from the Museum Collection" from May 13-September 10, 2016. 

Curated by  George Kinghorn,
Executive Director and Curator, UMMA




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