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Curated by Robyn Bash

About Curated by the Collector

During each quarter of 2021, one of the curators will select five artists from Client Raiser’s roster for a new exhibition. Selected artists will then choose works to exhibit. In addition to selecting the artists, the curator will choose a charitable organization to receive 20% of Client Raiser’s proceeds.


Curator’s Statement

“The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus.

As we face the deaths of millions of people due to the pandemic and our climate changing as unprecedented heat waves dominate this summer, we can look at the works of each of the selected artists and be transported through color, shape, texture, and line to accept change. This body of art provides a place for space and comfort where the world can change drastically or silently and provoke one to make a difference. After all, everyone has faced recent difficulties and to some degree remained steadfast, bold, and brave, just like the compositions of these works.


Metro-North #2

52 x 13 inches approx

Acrylic, Wood, Yupo, and Vinyl on plywood


Trainscape (Red)

52 x 13 inches approx

Acrylic Ink and Oil on paper


Courtesy of Adah Rose Gallery


Current Exhibition

Addison Ripley Fine Art

40 - 4 - 40

Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

September 10 - October 16

1670 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Washington, DC, US