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This series on prints evokes the senses of geography,history and geometry, hence its  I have adapt various techniques ( Embossing, laser-cut, Chine-collé, solar etching, along with different properties of paper, that give life to a multi-layer print.    I integrate photographs from  closed up objects as well as urban architecture,maps and design.  Examples include the complex textured skin of the watermelon,  the little windows of buildings in New York City or Berlin, a Mayan calendar, and the round-shaped manhole covers in our cities.  Too often we fail to even notice some of these geometrical elements in our urban lives and their direct inspiration from nature.This series invites the viewer to see a new world with aspects reminiscent of a crackled past.

Selknam in DC


Solar etching, embossing, Acrylic, & and laser cut

Unique work created @ (PUF)Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory New York

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