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Chilean / American


Working between New York and Washington DC USA

Fundacion DUOC, Santiago, Chile

Graphic Design/ Technical Drawing, 1993





Maine University Museum of Art.Way Stations. Bangor, ME


Cambalache, Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington, DC



Joan Belmar, Skopje, Macedonia



CHORDS, Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington, DC



Trance-Lucid, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC  



Hidden Treasure, Charles Krause Reporting Fine Arts, Washington, DC

Time, Change, and Movement: The Art of Joan Belmar, Capital One, McLean, VA



ONCE, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC




Life’s Many Layers, H&F Fine Art, Mt. Rainier, MD




Color Transparencies, Nevin Kelly Gallery, Washington, DC



Illegal Alien, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 



Life, Sae Gallery, Seoul, Korea



Asylum, Alex Gallery, Washington, DC


Selected GROUP Exhibitions


Pulse 2023.IA&A at Hillyer. Hillyer’s Advisory Committee.Washington DC.




-The Invincible Visible will be presented November 4 - November 17, 2023 at

The Katzen Arts Center at American University Museum. Washington DC


2022-“Perspectivas Latinas”/ “Latinx Perspectives” curated by Wilfredo Valladares.Maryland Hall.Annapolis, MD.

2023- Pulse 2023.IA&A at Hillyer. Hillyer’s Advisory Committee.Washington DC.


2022-“Perspectivas Latinas”/ “Latinx Perspectives” curated by Wilfredo Valladares.Maryland Hall.Annapolis, MD.


Twist – Layer – Pour: Sondra N. Arkin, Joan Belmar, and Mary Early, American University Art Museum, Washington, DC.

The Language of Impressions, Ernst Community Cultural Center at NOVA Annandale, Annandale, VA. 

Oh Say, Can You See?, Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art, Washington, DC.

Homage to Mango Street, Chautauqua Institution VACI, Chautauqua, NY.



Geometrix: Line, Form, Subversion, Curator’s Office, Washington, DC.

The night and the desert know me. JOAN HISAOKA / HEALING ARTS GALLERY smith center for healing and the arts.Washington, DC.

The Looking Glass: Immigrant artists in DC, American University Museum Alper Initiative, Washington, DC

What's the Big Idea?: Small Paintings from the Museum Collection, University of Maine Museum of Art. Bangor, ME.



Espaces de lumière, UNESCO, Paris, France, Illustrated color catalog available

Espaces de lumière, Vilnius Town Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania

Manifesting Phenomena: Drop, Hover, See-Through, Spin, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA

Locally Sourced, American University Museum, Transformer, Washington, DC.

5th Anniversary Show, Brentwood Arts Exchange, Brentwood, MD.

Art Miami New York, Adah Rose Gallery, Pier 94,

New York, NY

Personal Patterns, Washington, DC. Illustrated color catalog available



Without Boundaries, School 33, Baltimore, MD 

Washington Color Abstraction, The Gabarron Foundation, New York, NY

Paper Please!, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

Art Market Hamptons, Pentimenti Gallery, Hamptons, NY

INMERSION, Fundacion Iturria, TTTR, Montevideo, Uruguay



Select 2013, Washington Project for the Arts. DC

Le Temps de l’Eau, Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Wichita Falls, TX

Dallas Art Fair, Adah Rose Gallery, Dallas, TX

Bethesda Painting Award, Finalists Exhibition, Bethesda, MD

Sigil, Addison Ripley Fine Art, Washington DC

MATHEMATICS, MAPS AND MYTHS, Adah Rose Gallery, Kensington, MD



About Change, The World Bank, Washington, DC

Le Temps De L’eau, Musee de Tapisseries, Aix-en-Provence, France

IN THE MIX: ABSTRACT ARTISTS, The Children’s Hospital Washington, DC

Art on Top: A Sondheim Show, Top of the World, Baltimore, MD

First Impressions, Stevenson University, Baltimore MD

ELEMENTAL, Fresh Paint, Culver City, CA



A Glimpse and a Witness to Time, Adah Rose Gallery, Kensington, MD

Water: Take me to the River, The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD

The magic of the melting pot: Immigration in America, Studio Gallery, Washington, DC 



WPA CATALYST, Curated By Jim W Mahoney, American University Museum, Washington, DC

Cultural Crossroads: Voices of Latin America and the Caribbean, Gateway Art Center, Brentwood, MD

BELMAR- PETKE- RINGWALD, Neptune Gallery, Bethesda, MD



Obama: Art & Politics, H&F Fine Art, Mt. Rainier, MD

Idylls, World Bank, WPA, Washington, DC

United Creators Exhibition, Times Square Building, New York, NY

Influence = Convergence: Minna N. Nathanson & Joan Belmar, WPA/Corcoran, Washington, DC



DCCAH Fellowship Grant Exhibition, American University Museum, Washington, DC

The Story of Creation II, United Creators, New York, Munich, Frankfurt and Istanbul

Abstraction, Lana Santorelli Gallery, New York, NY

Peace Now, Warehouse Gallery, Washington, DC

Into the Light, Honfleur Gallery, Washington, DC



XVIII Ibero-American Art Salon, Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, DC

Friends of the Orphans, Knew Gallery, Washington, DC

Primed, Curated by Mary Early, WPA/Corcoran, Washington, DC

No Representation, The Warehouse, Washington, DC

colorfield/remix Saturated, Heineman Myers Contemporary Art, Bethesda, MD



Heart of DC, City Hall Permanent Art Collection, The John Wilson Building, Washington, DC

Hispanic Heritage/Month, Exxon Mobil.Fairfax, VA  

Group Exhibition, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, NY

Mother, Anne C. Fisher Gallery, Washington, DC






University of Maine Museum of Art. Bangor. ME

Fidelity Investment Art Collection, Boston, MA

The John Wilson Building, City Hall Art Collection. Washington, DC                         

Microsoft Corporation.Art Collection.Redmond, WA 

Stevenson University. Stevenson, MD

US Embassy in Manila, the Philippines 

Capital One Art Collection. McLean, VA


Exelon Corporation, Baltimore, MD

Osten art collection.Republic of Macedonia




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 Joan Belmar
-The Washington Post. Émigré Artists. By Mark Jenkins August 3, 2017

-The Chautauquan Daily. Guest critic:‘Homage to Mango Street channels mission to promote dialogue’ By Howard Halle on July 14, 2017. New York


-The Washington Post Joan Belmar "Cambalache". By Mark Jenkins May 18, 2017

-The Washington Post. (Mention). Museums. In the galleries. The looking glass By Mark Jenkins July,30,2017

-The Washington Post. Getting "Personal" at King Street. By Mark Jenkins. Nov 13, 2015

-City Paper. “The Looking Glass: Artist Immigrants of Washington” Katzen, (Mention) Reviewed By John Andersen

-The Studio Visit Moments and Observations in Joan Belmar’s Studio. Yayo Tavolara September 28, 2015
DC Metro Arts. By Maggie Gurley
  April 2015


-The Washington Post. With wires and beads, exhibits dangle intrigue in front of visitors’ eyes By Mark Jenkins. February 20, 2015

-Sun-Gazette. Subtle spheres and shapes take center stage at McLean Project for Arts. By Brian Trompeter

-The Washington Post. CHORDS Liberto. By Mark Jenkins. Oct 3, 2014                                                                                        -Artsy Editorial. Harmony and Dissonance Imagined in the Abstractions of Joan Belmar. June 7, 2014.

By Emily Nathan Artsy editorial. New York, NY

-Modern/Luxury Magazine. Fairs to remember. By MaxFishko                                                                                     -American -Art Collector."Art Fair Preview: Contemporary Showcase.July 2014                                                                                
-Blouin Artinfo. 3 Hamptons Fairs Bring Art to the Beach. By Ashton Cooper                            


-Color Redivivus: Abstract Music From Washington by Donal Kuspit                                       

-Open Studio Magazine. Curated by Barbara O'Brien of  Kemper Museum. Dec 2014                                                                
-The Washington Post. Bethesda Painting Awards By Mark Jenkins. Jun14,2013                                                                               
-The Washington Post.‘Sigil’ art exhibition at Addison Ripley By Michael O’Sullivan. Jun 6, 2013                                          


-The Washington Post. Joan Belmar arrives to America. By Mark Jenkins. Nov 1, 2012                                                                      
-L'Artiste magazine. Take me to the River. France. Jan 2012                                                                                           -The Examiner. Artist Profile: Joan Belmar by Stephen Mack. August 1, 2011                                                                                    
-The Washington Post. Restore Japan. By Stephanie Merry. March 30, 2011                                                                                
-American Contemporary Magazine. New Art to the Nation's Capital. By Lenny Campello. April/May 2010                                      
-Washington Hispanic. Family Place Exhibe Sin Fronteras- Art without Frontiers. Nov 14, 2008                                                      
-Washington Post. Migration: Universal Truths. By Michael O’Sullivan. Jan 4, 2008                                                       

-The News Leader. Inspired by Duchamp artist aims to disorient. By Maria Longley. July 10, 2008                                                    
-The Examiner. Seeing way beyond, deep, within.. or a reflection? By Robin Tierney.May 26, 2007                                                 
-Carroll County times.Nuances of Life. By  Pam Zappardino.June 04, 2007


-Washington Post/Express. Game of Illusions. By Robin Tierney. May 26, 2008                                                                                        
-Fall Church news Northern Virginia. Art Beat. By Kevin Mellema. Dec 11, 2008                                                       -Washington Blade. Chile’s artistic ambassador.By Joe Howley. Sept 12,  2004                                                    -El Tiempo Latino. Arte lo lleva a las olimpiadas de Atenas. By Milagros M. Vela. August 6, 2004                                                       
-El Mercurio. Joan Belmar en olimpiadas. By Perdro Gandolfo. August 1, 2004                                                              -La Tercera. Dos Chilenos. By Rodrigo Miranda. Nov 08, 2004                                  


-La Ultima hora Ibiza. Joan Belmar: Mi carrera comenzo en Ibiza. By TCR                                                             
-El Tiempo Latino. Artista chileno expone en DC. By Milagros M. Vela. August 07, 2004


-El Tiempo Latino. Talento hispano en Londres. By Milagros M. Vela. Nov 14, 2003                                                                        -Washington Blade. The Atmosphere of Glass. By Greg Varner. Jan 12, 2001                     


-Diario de Ibiza. Joan Belmar. Del diseňo al arte en libertad. By Julio Herranz.

-Diario de Ibiza. Azul. By Jose Manuel Piňa.

-Ultima Hora Ibiza.  Elementos figuarivos tras la abstraccion. Vicenç Fenollosa.

-El Mundo. El Arte Moderno Aterriza En La Ciudad Eternal. Arteroma 97. By R. Montoya. Nov 29, 1997                                           

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