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                            Art Statement

For me the best part of being an artist is the ability to experience a broad range of emotions. Then have an internal conversation. Sometimes a fight or a reconciliation.

This introspection allows me to analyse, create and adopt a visual vocabulary that let's me express my angels and demons.

The most gratifying thing happens when those thoughts see the outside in the form of a print or a painting and it is inspected and reinterpreted through the eyes of a curious viewer and if I am lucky become part of their life .

Ever since coming to the United States in 1999, I have been interested in exploring the properties of contemporary materials, such as plastic, paper acetate, vinyl, fabric, and Mylar, etc. I like when the organic qualities of the acrylics, gouache, and ink mix and move spontaneously on a fixed structure, canvas, plastic, or paper. Metaphorically, they are in search of freedom in a structured world.   I play with light, transparencies, and the sculptural qualities of these elements to evoke the concepts that are important in my work:  Time, Change, and Movement.

In my ongoing series of 3D works, paintings, and drawings, I have become intrigued by maps, especially as I researched extincted/exterminated ethnic groups. In the maps, I encountered symbols, colors, drawings, grids, dots, and lines.  Using these, I explore the psychological and cultural divisions that affect the different ways we see the world. The different qualities of the elements---the sometimes clash and contradictions of the materials---create a dialogue.

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